Happy birthday Nathan!


This weekend we celebrated Nathan’s first birthday.  We are so grateful for our sweet, happy boy.  He is always smiling and laughing and is very easy going. I think God knew that we needed an easy going baby with all of the transitions we’ve had in the past year.  In his one short year of life so far, Nathan has been on 8 airplane rides and has been in four different countries (US, Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia).

Sleeping in his carrier

He LOVES to eat and so far there aren’t any foods that he doesn’t like.  He loves bathtime, swimming, playing with balls, and playing with cars and trucks.  He also loves dancing and chasing after big sister Natalie.  Natalie is great at making him laugh and they have a lot of fun together.  He has probably spent about half his life in my Boba baby carrier – I’ve been grateful to have had two family-friendly jobs since he was born, and he has tagged along to work with me in his carrier.   He still comes to the office with me every morning and takes his morning nap in his carrier while I work at the computer.

Natalie admiring her newborn brother

His birthday was on Sat (Feb 2) but sadly he was sick on his birthday – both Natalie and Nathan were sick last week with a virus so he spent most of his birthday either sleeping or sitting on my lap.  By Sunday he was back to his normal self and we had a few friends over to celebrate his birthday and have some cake.


He actually ate his cake very neatly so we didn’t have any messy baby face pictures.  Happy birthday Nathan, and may the Lord bless you with many more!


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