Visitors, Visitors, Visitors…

       We are having a great time with Auntie Kelly, my sister who arrived in Uganda from Switzerland on Sunday.  She was supposed to arrive late Saturday night but her flight was delayed for 5 hours in Brussels – the upside of that delay was that she got to tour Brussels and brought us some delicious Belgian chocolate!  Lucky for me, Muigai doesn’t like chocolate much (I don’t understand that) so that means more for me.  Natalie and Nathan have been having a blast playing with their fun auntie, and I’ve been having a great time catching up with lots of long conversations and tea!


Hosting visitors is a big part of our life in Kampala – between personal friends/family and work-related visitors, we have hosted a total of 25 overnight visitors in our house since we arrived 7 months ago!  Having household help to assist with the stressful parts of having visitors (cooking, cleaning, etc) has enabled us to focus on the fun part of hosting people, and we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to connect with old friends and get to know new friends.

In other news, Natalie is learning how to write letters and numbers in school and is always practicing at home.  She wrote this note the other day:


We love and miss Nana so much, as well as other family and friends back home!

Posted by Valerie at 11:45 AM


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