Kelly’s blog, intestinal creatures, and a pink office

                I was planning to write more about Kelly’s visit, but since she wrote a great post with lots of pictures and videos, I’ll just direct you to her blog instead…
          I am finally feeling better after nearly three weeks of nausea, stomach discomfort, and fatigue.  Since it felt exactly like morning sickness, I thought I was pregnant again…but after lots of tests (including 3 negative pregnancy tests!) I discovered there are indeed creatures growing in my stomach, but not babies.  An amoeba and a giardia.  Lovely.  I likely picked them up by eating raw fruits and vegetables.  Thankfully, no one else is having issues and the medicine I am taking seems to be working
A giardia…not nearly as cute as a baby 🙂
We are currently having our office repainted and had asked the painters to paint the outside a maroonish color….this is the color they ended up with:

Bubblegum pink.  Natalie is thrilled with our new pink office, the rest of us not so much!  We will be having them repaint it and we will make sure that we see and approve the color first before they paint the entire office (we were out of the office the day they had painted and this was nowhere close to the color we had agreed on!)


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