The biggest excitement at our house these days is the arrival of several baby chicks.  As of this morning, we had 13 baby chicks in our chicken house and about 20 eggs left that we are hopeful will hatch. The eggs started hatching on Sunday and it has been a lot of fun for Natalie and I to check the chicken house several times to day to see how many new chicks have been hatched.
A few months after we arrived in Uganda, Muigai worked with two other guys to build a chicken house in the corner of our compound.   We got our first two chickens when we visited Stella Matutina in Northern Uganda, then Muigai picked up a few more when traveling back from Western Uganda, and one of our partners brought us several additional chickens.
We currently have 7 big chickens – three roosters, three hens, and one young chicken (we had hatched ten chicks in January, but a disease killed all but one of them – hopefully we will have better luck this time!)  The main reason we got chickens is for the eggs – we love eggs (Nathan can eat two eggs by himself!) and the fresh eggs from the chickens are amazing.
I love this picture of a newly hatched chick peeking out from under his mama

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