Things I’m learning in Uganda #3 – you can fit a lot on a bike!

    One of the most common means of transportation in Uganda is a “boda boda”, or a motorcycle.  These are used not just as motorcycle taxis to carry people, but to transport all kinds of things from chickens to furniture to meat (we saw a boda the other day loaded with what looked like an entire cow worth of meat – sadly I didn’t grab my camera fast enough).  Regular bicycles are also often used to transport materials as well, and it is amazing to see how much people can fit on a bike.On a serious note, it is incredible to see the level of hard work and creativity of many people here in Kampala.  Unemployment rates are very high, and many people need to find ways to support their family outside of typical employment.On a lighter note, check out these pictures of things transported by bikes and bodas – some taken by me, others I got from the internet:

A bike loaded with tires – we saw this bike on our way to work.  Kampala is very hilly and daytime temps get to 90+ degrees – pedaling on those hills in that heat with a load like this is pretty incredible!
Muigai took this picture last year – he is carrying a tall medal door
I actually saw a boda loaded with even more chicken than this recently (yes those are live chickens!) – I was driving and nobody else was in the car so I couldn’t get the picture Source:
This picture I got from the internet, and I’ve never seen a boda quite this fully loaded – but I have seen some carrying 3 adults and others carrying 3 or 4 children.  Source:


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