Planting season!

The rains have arrived in Kampala, which means it’s planting season!  (It also means a nice break from the very hot, dry weather we’ve had since the beginning of the year)

One of our papaya trees

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am determined to plant something that will actually make it to our dinner table this time!  So a week and half ago Natalie and I planted black beans, red beans, broccoli, cilantro, plums, and carrots.  I decided to plant a wide variety so that at least one of them should produce a harvest.  We also currently have papayas, maize, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, arrowroots, onions, bananas, and a few young avocado trees growing in the garden.

This weekend it had been dry for about 2 days so we went out to water the things we had planted..

I love Natalie’s “gardening” outfit!

Nathan wanted to help and just ended up getting wet!


Of all the things we planted, the beans are doing the best and are growing fast, which is encouraging!

Our beans are growing fast..only a week after planting

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