Saying goodbye…

As many of you know, we were in Kenya all of last week for the funeral for Muigai’s father, Gilbert Ndoka Kuria, who passed away on Wed., March 27th.   He had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in Dec 2007, and had been sick for the past several years.  We are so grateful that we were able to spend time with him this past December, and that he had a chance to meet Nathan (Ndoka), who was named after him.
Muigai’s dad Gilbert was a loving and devoted father and husband.  He worked for over 27 years in the police force and also had some small businesses on the side.  He was a very committed Christian and he participated in many different outreaches and fellowship groups, including a police fellowship which he founded at his workplace.  This police fellowship has now spread to many different police stations in the country.
During the funeral, Muigai gave a tribute where he commented on his father’s love for people and his strong faith.  Muigai recalled his father welcoming many visitors into their house when they were growing up, and the family would even sometimes give up their beds to accommodate visitors.  Muigai also recalled waking up early when he was in high school (often between 4 and 5am!) and hearing his father praying every single morning as Muigai got ready for school.
Natalie feeding Muigai’s dad cake during a celebration when we visited Kenya in 2010
We are so grateful for our friends and family that came together during this time to support us and Muigai’s family – for those who helped with the planning of the funeral, those who showed up to the committee meetings and the funeral, those who gave financially to help with funeral costs, and those who sent messages of condolence – thank you so much.
Muigai’s mother Gladys and father Gilbert

Please continue to keep Muigai and his family in your prayers as they adjust to life without their father – he was much loved and will be greatly missed.

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