Crazy cat video and the kids

I was planning to write about the final storyteller from our AGM, a shy, motivated, and intelligent Ik girl who was awarded a full scholarship to a University in Kampala, but I left my notes in the office.  So instead, enjoy this short video of our crazy cat.
This video makes Natalie laugh and laugh.  Our cat will attack anything that moves.  Two days ago I found a lizard head on our carpet.  Just the head.  I’ve found two squirming lizard tails in the past week and she also attacked a bird recently, leaving feathers all over our dining room.  Crazy cat.
And a few recent pictures of the kids:
Nathan’s favorite thing these days is music, and every time he enters the sitting room he heads straight to the CD player and turns on a CD, then he and Natalie dance and laugh together.
Our church recently had a special service at the beach, so here is a picture of Natalie with Lake Victoria in the background.

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