The countdown is on….2 more weeks!!

2 weeks from today we head to the airport to travel to the US for our 3 week vacation!  (technically we leave Uganda 2 weeks from tomorrow because our flight leaves at 12:35 am very early Wed morning)

I am SO excited for our vacation so I thought I’d share the top 10 things I miss about life in the US:

1. Spending time with my family

2. Living within 2 hours of my parents and my sisters

3. My mom’s visits when she would dive to Harrisonburg, play with the kids, and we would eat Bowl of Good (can you tell I really miss my family???)

4. All of our friends in H’burg, NC, DC and elsewhere…

5.  My Monday night Bible study

6.  Our church in H’burg- Church of the Incarnation

7. My favorite eating places in H’burg – Bowl of Good, Chipotle, and Kline’s

8.  The mama groups I went to – Birth Circle, MOMS, La Leche League (there aren’t any groups like that here, although we do go to a fun mama and baby play group)

9.  All the kids activities we had access to – children’s museum, library, parks, kinetic kids, etc

We do have some fun playgrounds in kampala!

10.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream and grapefruit

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