A big mistake…and a few other photos

The other day I made a big mistake….I really wanted to sweep the floor so I put Nathan in his high chair with a container of yogurt and a spoon to keep him happy so I could sweep, thinking that he has been feeding himself very neatly recently.  Not even a minute later this is what I found….
The yogurt container was on the floor.  So I not only had to sweep the floor, but also mop the floor and give Nathan a bath!

Nathan has gotten really into books lately and Natalie knows the words in a lot of the baby books we have, so our recent bedtime routine includes Natalie reading several books to Nathan – it’s very sweet!


Yesterday we took an all day trip to Kamuli, a district three hours east of Kampala.  It was a fun but long day, and we were welcomed with a LOT of singing and dancing.  The kids were especially excited by the big drums and had a great time joining in the fun.  More on our Kamuli trip on Friday’s blog….


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