About ten months ago, I was given ten strawberry plants to plant in our garden.  Although strawberries grow well in Uganda, they are not very common here so we rarely eat them.  We all LOVE strawberries though, so we were very excited about the plants.

For the first few weeks, they grew slowly and we would get about one tiny strawberry every three days.  Nathan and Natalie would usually split the tiny strawberry and gobble it up.  The first day we were in the US for our vacation, Nathan singlehandedly ate about half a pound of strawberries!  He couldn’t believe the abundance of the sweet red fruit after growing accustomed to eating half of a tiny strawberry every three days.

Now, with the rainy season, our strawberries are thriving!  Strawberry hunting has become part of our daily routine and the kids always get excited when they find a nice ripe red one among the leaves.  Yum!

Our strawberry plants are fruitful!
Strawb041erry hunting
Nathan sees a ripe one!
Showing off the ripe strawberry they found

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