Welcome to our new WordPress blog!   We’ve moved all our content from blogger, but you can still see our old blog at http://www.themuigais.blogspot.com

Here’s our explanation for the change:


So my blog layout and design is pretty boring – last year when we were at orientation for our job here with MCC, they were printing prayer cards and needed our contact info including our blog address.  We hadn’t yet started the blog so I quickly signed up for blogger and came up with a very basic layout.  Since that orientation (in June 2012!!) I have been planning to update the layout and come up with a better looking blog.  In fact, in my first post ever I said:

” First, let me apologize for the very boring blog – as you can imagine, an international move, new job, and two young children have been keeping us quite busy lately!  Since we left almost two weeks ago, I thought it would be good to at least post to let you know we’ve arrived and are settling in, and then hopefully I can work on editing the blog layout soon.”

Well, that time has finally come! (after only 17 months)  Thanks to our friend Thomas, who moved all my content from blogger to WordPress and set up a new blog for me, we now have a newly redesigned blog.  I’ve been frustrated with the formatting in blogger and wordpress is much more user friendly, so I decided to move my blog there.  You can visit my new blog at





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