Muigai’s coming home! And other things to look forward to…

Muigai has been traveling for the past three weeks, and he is coming home tonight!!!

For the past three weeks, Muigai has been participating in an MCC Sudan/South Sudan country review.  Every five years, each country’s program is reviewed by an assessment team, and Muigai was asked to be part of this assessment team.

As part of the assessment, he has been to Juba, Rumbek, Khartoum, Nairobi, as well as smaller villages in South Sudan.  On the way to one of these villages, they had to drive through the jungle where there were not even roads!  Every so often they had to get out of the car to move branches or stones out of the way, and they even drove through shallow rivers that didn’t have bridges!  I’m really looking forward to seeing his pictures, and I’ll post some of them soon.

So for the past three weeks I’ve been managing both home and the office solo.  Muigai works full time and I only work half time, so his absence has definitely been felt!  Thankfully November has been a relatively slow month in the office, but Muigai does have a lot of things waiting for him when he gets back to the office.

And of course the kids and I have really missed him at home.  When we pray for our meals, we’ve been praying for “baba” and his time in Sudan/South Sudan.  One time we forgot to pray for Muigai and as soon as we said amen Nathan said, “and Baba!!”  Now as soon as we start to pray he yells out, “and baba!  and baba!”  He also constantly goes into Muigai’s office to look for him – we tell him baba is on a trip but of course he’s still a little young to completely understand.




We also have a lot of fun things that we are looking forward to in the upcoming days.  In:

0 days – Muigai’s home

1 day – My mother in law is coming for a visit

5 days – Natalie’s 5th birthday

6 days – my parents arrive for a visit

8 days – celebrating American Thanksgiving Ugandan style ( we are celebrating on Friday)

9 days – we’ll be spending a weekend in Jinja, at the source of the Nile River


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