Happy birthday Natalie!

Yesterday we celebrated Natalie’s 5th birthday!

In her school, the parents come to school with cake and juice.  And instead of all the children buying birthday presents for the birthday girl, the birthday girl is supposed to buy presents for all her classmates!

We were grateful Muigai’s mom has been visiting the past few days and she was able to be here to celebrate Natalie’s birthday with us.  So Muigai, Cucu (the Kikuyu word for grandmother), Nathan and I went to Natalie’s school where we sang to Natalie, and then she served cake and gave small presents to all of her classmates.

Then, for dinner we went out to a restaurant that actually has trampolines inside the restaurant where kids can jump while they wait for their food.  Muigai got stuck in traffic and was almost an hour late, and they were only kids there for most of the time, so they did a LOT of jumping!

Below are some pictures from the celebration.

But first, a quick update – a few weeks ago I posted about our very pregnant kitty.  Well, it turns out she is actually just fat and affectionate, not pregnant.  And it turns out I know absolutely nothing about the reproductive habits of cats, since I thought she was dying when she was actually in heat and I thought she was pregnant when she was actually just fat.  We had calculated that her kittens would be born in early Nov, and the kids and I even made and decorated a box for her to give birth in.  And then we waited.  and waited. and waited.  And then two days ago she started acting funny and we thought she was finally in labor.  Nope – she is in heat again!  So that is how we discovered she is not actually pregnant.   Haha.

Natalie bday 001

Natalie’s birthday surprise when she woke up

Natalie bday 006

The sign on the board at Natalie’s school – Natalie wore her birthday hat for literally the whole day! From the time she woke up until we got home. She only took it off briefly to jump on the trampolines!

Natalie bday 010

Waiting to cut her cake

Natalie bday 021

Serving Cucu cake

Natalie bday 026

Serving her classmates cake


The trampolines in the restaurant



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