Fun with Nana and Grandpa!

I took a break from blogging for the month of December – to be honest, the break wasn’t exactly intentional – there was just a lot going on “offline” that I didn’t have as much online time as I usually do.  We had a really nice holiday with family visitors (my mother in law, my parents and my sister in law and her family), a safari for our annual MCC Uganda retreat, lots of time with the children, and some much needed rest and relaxation.   Although homesickness always hits hardest around Christmas, we had a wonderful visit with my parents for 2 weeks at the end of November/beginning of December that did help the homesickness a little.  That 2 weeks was packed with lots of fun:

We had a Thanksgiving dinner together (they arrived the day before Thanksgiving) – we tried to get as much American Thanksgiving food as we could – a roast chicken (turkeys hard to find and very expensive!), gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans, sweet corn, cranberry sauce (which my parents brought with them), and a pumpkin pie.  And fresh passion fruit juice (I’m pretty sure there wasn’t passion juice at the first Thanksgiving but we love passion juice)

nana 1118













We took a weekend trip to Jinja (about 2 hours from Kampala) where we took a boat ride to the source of the Nile River

nana 1119













nana 1133













We did a lot of swimming (Natalie LOVES the water, she’s like a little fish!  I have no idea where she got that from 🙂

nana 1141













We decorated our little Christmas tree

nana 1145






















Celebrated Christmas and opened gifts that Nana and Grandpa brought

nana 1151













Ate some really good food (this is a wonderful Thai restaurant in Kampala)










nana 1171














Took Natalie to her first ballet class ever

nana 1188






















Played a lot and generally had a great time!

nana 1193 nana 1192






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