Water balloons + tile patio = great fun!


Natalie with a giant water balloon


Due to a slower pace of life and a lack of structured children’s activities (it would be nearly impossible for us to overschedule our children if we wanted to) our children enjoy a LOT of unstructured play time at home.  Natalie especially is extremely creative in coming up with activities and games to keep her and Nathan engaged and happy.  Most of them are great fun, like pulling Nathan around on a blanket on our tile floors, and turning almost anything in our house into a drum that can be beaten while the two of them dance and sing (this game is Nathan’s current favorite.)  A few of them I don’t appreciate as much, like when she realized that toilet paper will dissolve in water and proceeded to fill our bathroom sink with water and almost an entire roll of dissolved toilet paper, which seriously clogged the sink.

But today’s game was one of the most fun she has come up with – she discovered that water balloons + a tile patio = great fun!  The water balloons will slide around on the wet tile, bouncing off the walls without breaking.  The kids were able to slide, throw, and kick the water balloons without them breaking.  And when the balloons did break, it created a fun slippery surface that they “ice skated” on and slid on their bellies.  The two of them played this game for almost two hours!


So much fun!



Nathan and his little water balloon





Last year I posted about the crazy things that can fit on the back of a motorcycle.  The other day, we saw a boda in front of us carrying a giant fish.  I grabbed my camera and was able to get a quick picture before the boda boda sped off.


A giant fish



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