An eventful Sunday

On Friday, it was the last day of the second term at Natalie’s school and they held their first sports day.  All of the children in Natalie’s school are divided in four “house” teams, and the house teams competed against each other in various relay races and other events.  It was a really fun event, though it was cut short by rain, and I was planning to write a post about it this week with all the pictures we took.  But I can’t post the pictures because of what happened on Sunday…

On Sunday, we went to church, stopped for lunch, and then passed by a friend’s house.  We reached home around 4:30, and when I went to unlock the door I found it wide open.  At first, I thought somehow we had forgotten to lock it, but then it dawned on me – someone had broken in.

Since we didn’t know if there were still people in the house, we got the children into the car and left immediately.  Muigai dropped us off at a new mall near our house which thankfully has a really nice free play area for the kids, and we spent the next four hours there while Muigai went to the house with the police.

We couldn’t sleep at the house because the doors were broken, so we checked into a hotel and went home to pack a few clothes.  It was so strange to walk through the house and see drawers pulled out and overturned and things thrown everywhere.

Unfortunately, the thieves made out with thousands of dollars worth of electronics and photography equipment.  Several of the items were MCC property, like both of our work laptops, and our biggest personal loss was Muigai’s camera and a lot of his expensive photography equipment which it has taken us years to acquire.

We were able to return home after one night, and this week has been busy and frustrating trying to get the doors fixed, follow up with police, and catch up with work and a few documents that were lost in our computers.  We can’t share any details about the investigation but we are praying that we will find out more about what happened.  Please pray with us that the thieves would be discovered, we (and the children) would feel safe in our home, and that somehow some of the items would be recovered (which rarely happens).

Since I have no new pictures to post, I’ll post a “throwback” picture of our most valuable “possessions” which are thankfully safe and sound and does help to put the whole incident into perspective.



One thought on “An eventful Sunday

  1. Sorry for that incident that happened the MUIGAI’s. I will pray with you that those thieves be brought to justice and may whatever they stole be recovered back in Jesus name.

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