Easter eggs, home leave, and chicks

       Yesterday was a public holiday in Uganda (Labour Day) and the kids and I celebrated by having an Easter egg hunt in the morning! My mom had sent us some plastic eggs and Easter treats, but the package was delayed and we just got it this week.  So Natalie and Nathan had a good time looking for Easter eggs and eating some chocolate.

          We still don’t have any more updates on the break in –please continue to pray for that situation and that we would know what
happened and who was responsible.

        This month is the month we begin our home leave!  We are really looking forward to a much needed break and a chance to spend time with friends and family.  We leave on May 22nd and will be in Kenya from May 22 – 29, Durham from June 2 – 9, and then Ashburn (Northern VA/DC area) the rest of the time with several day and short trips planned to Harrisonburg.  We head back to Uganda on July 16th.  If you will be in any of those areas, please contact us – we would love to see you!

      We had five chicks hatch on Wednesday so after their egg hunt the kids played with the new baby chicks:




Hello little chick


I can hold three all at once!



This one is my favorite!




Look mama I have two chicks!


See, I can be gentle with the chicks


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