After being convinced about a year ago that our cat was pregnant only to find out that she was just fat, our cat did actually become pregnant and gave birth to four little kittens two weeks ago.

We were concerned about where she was going to choose to give birth, since she loves laying on piles of clothes in both my closet and the kids closet, and I really did not want our cat giving birth on my clothes.


Nathan with our pregnant cat in my closet, one of her favorite spots

So we prepared a lovely cardboard “kitten box” like we saw on the internet and tried to show it to our cat to give her the message that it would be a much better place to give birth than in my closet.

One night when we were eating chicken I noticed our cat was nowhere to be found, which is rare when she smells chicken.  I found her crouched on Natalie’s bed ready to have her kittens on Natalie’s blankets!  We grabbed the kitten box and tried to convince her it was a better place to have the kittens, but she was not convinced.

So we took all the blankets off Natalie’s bed, got an old mattress from the garage to put on top of her nice mattress, and put old blankets and sheets on the old mattress.  Then we left her alone for a few minutes.  When I went to check on her, she had moved into Natalie’s closet into the basket where we keep her bathing suits and underwear!  We tried to put her back on the bed but she kept running to the closet.  So I closed the closet doors and blocked them with a wooden stool.  2 minutes later we heard a crash and sure enough the cat had found her way back into Natalie’s closet.

So we took the basket of underwear out of the closet and she jumped on Natalie’s folded clothes.  We took Natalie’s clothes out of the closet and she jumped onto the shelf where Nathan’s clothes are.  We quickly threw all the clothes out of the closet and put the cardbox “kitten box” in the closet and the first kitten was born not even 2 minutes later, thankfully inside the box!


The cat licking one of her newborn kittens – she look tired, labor is hard work!


Natalie sat in her closet the whole time and saw all the kittens being born – she was SO excited!

She gave birth to 4 kittens, but one of them died after two days.  The other three are growing well.  We had told Natalie she could not touch the kittens until they opened their eyes.  They finally opened their eyes at about 2 weeks of age and Natalie has been with them 24/7 ever since!  Yesterday she decided to make little crowns for them and called them “Prince” and “Princess.”  Despite Natalie’s pleas for us to keep them all, we plan to keep one of the kittens only and find homes for the other two – two cats are enough!


Sleeping kittens


Nathan is also quite fascinated with the kittens, though he does not have the same level of excitement as Natalie does


10 days old


Prince and Princess!




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